The Athletic Mindset, Three Tools to Success by Randy Friedman

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Author: Randy Friedman
ISBN: 9781622870295
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Randy Friedman was born and raised in New Rochelle, NY. After graduating from college with a Bachelors majoring in Communications, she became a licensed massage therapist as well as a personal trainer. Competing and teaching at the highest level in racquetball, golf and body building, Randy learned how to mentally breakthrough barriers to achieve her goals at an early age. She later became an LPGA teaching professional and certified hypnotherapist. As a golf professional at prestigious country clubs in New York and Palm Beach, Randy worked with individuals and companies small and large, including many Fortune 500 banking, insurance and financial corporations. Randy took her physical talents to paper, publishing her first book Your Inner Swing: 7 Lessons in Golf and Life! Using her extensive knowledge and experience, she toured the country as a motivational speaker – from country clubs to schools and corporations. Alongside co-author Linda Webb, Randy's second title The Athletic Mindset, Three Tools for Success is being used and shared by corporations and schools worldwide. Randy's natural way of sharing her powerful messages introduces a new mental attitude and aptitude that goes beyond the sports arena and into life. Randy Friedman is currently the President of Six Points Media Group, LLC. Six Points is a full service public relations and communications firm specializing in marketing, event planning, and media production services. Linda Webb, born in Winter Haven, FL boxed her way through college on the "bar boxing" circuit (33-0 –never lost a match), becoming a police officer after graduating. Linda worked in the morals unit as an undercover prostitute, as well as in the narcotics unit and the selective enforcement unit, working large undercover cases. She became a police motorcyclist and dive rescue specialist as well as a white-collar crime detective. Later on, as a Master Police Academy Instructor, she taught ethics and professionalism to police cadets. Linda has dedicated over 30 years to fighting fraud globally, investigating thousands of cases involving organized crime rings, insurance fraud and even some with potential terrorist, which have been highlighted by several national investigative news media. In addition to being a highly sought-after fraud expert and speaker, Linda stars in the upcoming TV Show and drama series, The Fraud Dog. As one of the foremost fraud-fighting leaders in the country, Linda was Assistant Vice President of AIG's Global Fraud Unit, as well as a private contractor for the federal government, fighting Medicare fraud. A pioneer of justice, the Fraud Dog is a diverse defender of the public and a leader of the people. Linda Webb is currently the President of Contego Services Group, LLC. Contego provides high quality insurance services, including fraud investigations and cost- containment solutions.


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