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Whilst this book contains a collections of a spiritual nature that spans my life from an early age to the present, in view of fact that they are compiled after my re-awakening back to Isl?m, they thus, have an Islamic tone through inclusion of the translation and transliteration of sourced Qur’anic script that is aimed to offer both credibility and substance to my commentary. Furthermore, the use of a time-line aids as a marker of when this faith was not necessarily the governing worldview and thereby imbues the spate of spiritual experiences with a shaper and more focused relief. Which is why it is hoped that this slant holds an appeal for both and beyond the Muslim community. It requires to be noted that whilst the main thrust of the content is driven from an existential agitation, it is not intended to reflect a narcissistic preoccupation but, in taking a leap of faith, it is hoped to hold some interest for like-minded individuals who are keen to forge a moral element in their community. Consequently, both sections of the ‘Preface’ and ‘Concluding Remarks’ are deliberately positioned, not only as an aid but a recap of the content thereby assisting assimilation.
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