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This textbook is designed to familiarise students with the rise, decline and restoration of Russian and Eurasian civilisations. It examines spread of Islam, Judaism and Christianity in the region, the Mongol supremacy in Russian principalities, the Russian Tsarist autocracy, and the Soviet regime. Both the Russian conquest of the Eurasian states and Muslim anti-colonial resistance are highlighted. Also, a special reference is given to the status of Muslims under the Russian colonial rule, the Soviet Russia and their current situation within the structure of the Russian Federation.

This textbook is unique as it combines both Russian and Muslim perspectives and shows the Russian history as a unified history of various nations, civilizations and ideas. Besides, the discussions in this textbook are not based on the idea of clash of religions and civilisations. Rather, it demonstrates Russian history as a joint journey in which different peoples with different identities and priorities learned to exist side by side through sorrows, crimes, mistakes and pains.

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