Why are People Reluctant to Participate in a Takaful Plan by Mohammad Firdaus Mohammad Hatta, Rosmimah Mohd Roslin, Nor Hashima Hashim, Sharifah Faigah Syed Alwi, Ismail Ahmad, Mohd Nizam Jaafar, Wahida Ahmad, Azreen Roslan, Azitadoly Mohd Arifin, Mohd Faizol Rizal Mohd Rasid, Nur Diyana Yusoff, Nor Azzura Nordin


This study aims to understand further the participation of people in family Takaful plans. Specifically, the study aims: 1. To investigate dimensions/factors affecting non-participation in family Takaful plan. 2. To determine the items for assessing non-participation. 3. To examine the relationship between attitude, subjective norm, perceived behavioural control and non-participation of family Takaful.


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