From Broke Writer to Millionaire Author by Mikkelsen Twins

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Author: Mikkelsen Twins
ISBN: 6610000130139
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Today's income generation model works differently. You work a little, you make a little. You work more, you make more, but when you work more and work smart, something interesting happens - the efforts reach critical mass and the earnings start rolling in even after the effort has been redirected to other tasks.


To break that cycle, you need to inject a different dimension of effort. This is where you put in a little effort and you get back a little return. You put it in more effort and you get more return, but the difference lies in the point when you stop putting in the effort and there is no earning momentum and so the earnings stop as well.


This is interestingly called passive income, and it is a phenomenon that lies at the core of accelerating your advance towards financial freedom.

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