Ethics and Fiqh for Everyday Life by DR. A. LATIF A. RAZAK

Ethics and Fiqh for Everyday Life by DR. A. LATIF A. RAZAK from  in  category
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Ethics and Fiqh for Everyday Life, is designed to be ‘the textbook’ for students. The purpose of this book is to develop knowledge and understanding of ethical issues and fiqh; contemporary for students’ in both their personal and professional lives. It constitutes two parts, namely Islāmic ethics and fiqh, for everyday life. The first part focuses on major Islāmic ethical concepts, justice, family ethics, Islāmic ethics; as applied in different professions, inter-personal ethics and ethnic relations, while the second part deals with the general view of Islāmic fiqh and its schools, Maqāsid al-Shari`āh, contemporary issues in bioethics, family, ICT, and finance.


Isi kandungan buku x lengkap
by Muhd Izharuddin on April 10, 2019

Terdapat satu chapter di dalam buku ni yg ada ditulis di isi kandungan tp xde di muka suratnye

by Fatimah Azzahra on November 04, 2020


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